I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m a writer, teacher, creator, dreamer and lover of life…and this is a space where I bring it all together. Here’s a little summary:

I write.

Sharing my thoughts through writing is one of my greatest passions. I write about love, life, hope, creating, overcoming fear, manifesting miracles, and creating a life you love. It’s all over at www.makeitmanifest.com. I hope you’ll check it out. It’s all heart.

I teach.

I’ve been teaching yoga and wellness courses for the Department of Health and Human Movement at Utah State University for just over six years. I am also currently assisting in the development and implementation of a 200-level RYT Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Studies program for the Department, slated to start up Fall Semester 2016. Furthermore, I am actively involved in the USU Campus Recreation Fitness program where I offer yoga and wellness classes and workshops. Click here for schedules and information.

I create.

There was a time when I thought creativity was only something that happened through the arts: writing, painting, music, dance, etc…. Yet, when I think about creativity now, it’s more about creative living, and creating a life you love. So, my life is my creation. It’s not all mine, of course; it’s shared with others within a much bigger picture, but I’m dancing with the Universe as we create this life together, and I must say, we’ve created some pretty beautiful stuff. I like to think of everyday as an opportunity to create something; whether it’s something as simple as a smile that transfers to everyone I see, or a big idea that takes months or years to accomplish.

I dream.

I’m a big, big dreamer. Right now, my big dream is to see Yoga Studies offered in college campuses across the world and recognized as a valuable asset to any professional field. The seeds of this big dream were planted almost ten years ago, and they are just beginning to sprout now, with the current development of a Yoga Studies and Teacher Training program at Utah State University. You can find out more about the program at www.yoga.usu.edu or visit us on Facebook.

I love.

In addition to the love I have for writing, teaching, creating and big dreaming is the crazy big love I have for my husband and three beautiful boys. They are the foundation for everything I’ve done, everything I do, and everything I hope to do. Big love. Big gratitude. Always and forever.